Aug 16, 2009

Stealthy Larry David Appearances

Other than the voice of George Steinbrenner, Larry David found his way on to the stage a few times while remaining anonymous. Here are a list of those moments, if you know of others please comment.

  • In "The Gum" (as store clerk) - "I beg your pardon, your majesty, but we don't accept bills with lipstick on the president."

  • In "The Marine Biologist" (as voice at the beach) - "Is anyone here a marine biologist?"

  • In The Airport (as the voice on the airplane) - "Oh, You know what? *I* ordered the kosher meal. I ordered it six weeks ago, I forgot."

  • In "The Chinese Woman" (as man in cape) - "I'm Frank Costanza's lawyer" (also appears earlier walking with Frank in street).

  • In "The Pilot - Part 2" (as one of the men in the Greenpeace boat with Russell Dalrymple)

  • In "The Heart Attack" (as character on TV in sci-fi movie) - "Look, Sigmund. Look in the sky. The planets are on fire. It is just as you prophesied. The planets of our solar system, incinerating. Like flaming globes, Sigmund. Like flaming globes.. Ah, ha, ha, ha.."


    1. There was one very early episode, before Newman had been cast where Larry David is the voice of Newman. I think Kramer yells to him out Jerry's door and Larry David's voice yells back.

    2. Good call - that's from The Revenge, however his voice was later overdubbed with Newman's voice.

      The post claims this is his third cameo appearance, but I can't find the first two..

    3. Also in "The Chinese Restaurant" when Elaine goes to the table of older people to eat food off the plate, she talks to them through her teeth to split Jerry's $50. Larry David is one of the yelling voices of the people.

    4. whats up with the terrible font?